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Delivery Options - EDS 

Enhanced Data Stream (EDS)

The EDS file is a downloadable delimited text file [automatically part] of the online Billing Consolidator invoicing application and is available to all customers for all invoices and provides customers:
  • Ability to download a single text file for all invoices [on the same bill round] for easy import to data analysis tools, accounting applications, etc.
    Ex: single text for all invoices on the same bill round – a customer has 25 invoice BANs spread across 4 different bill rounds, the customer would have 4 text files, one for each of the 4 bill rounds
  • All invoice sections are included regardless of the selected invoice media options
  • Online user access to the Billing Consolidator is required; see  Requesting access to the AT&T’s CALNET Billing Consolidator

Here are the EDS File Specifications for CALNET View PDF