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Delivery Options - Web 

Online web-based invoicing option details Web Only / Web with Paper Remit

Billing Consolidator is an online web-based invoicing application providing customers:

  • Secure password protected online access to their CALNET invoices using their existing Billing Consolidator user profile – no need for separate CALNET user profiles
  • The ability to view, download and print the invoice from a single page to the entire invoice
    • Download(s) are as *.csv files which can be opened in Excel, Access, etc.
  • Access to the current and previous months’ invoice history
  • A monthly email notification when invoice(s) are available
    • Notification to each [active] user
    • By BAN and Invoice Date
         Note: each user will receive one (1) email for all BANs associated to their user profile for a given Invoice Date, and will include
      • A link to the Billing Consolidator login screen
      • A list of BANs ready to view, print and download 
  • For customers electing to receive their invoice(s) Web Only – all incurred Late Payment Charges resulting from system delivery failure will be waived.
    Note: system delivery failure includes; system outage/unavailability or invoices not posted to the system.