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AT&T's Electronic Payment Options

Beginning in January 2021, AT&T’s CALNET customers can pay CALNET bills via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) called AT&T SMART Payments.

  • Sign up for one profile per tax ID. Your profile will cover multiple Billing Account Numbers (BAN).
  • Payments will post faster and with greater accuracy at no additional cost.
There are 2 methods of EFT. The version you use depends on your financial institution.

Option 1: ACH/EFT with separate remit
  • Payments post within 5 days.
Option 2: ACH/EDI remittance advice embedded in file
  • Payments post within 24 hours.

To sign up, go to: AT&T SMART Payments:
If you have questions, email: SMART Payments Enrollment Mailbox.

You will receive all initial documents:

  • ECF11
  • Test Bank info
  • Specifications
  • Live Bank Details

Please note: If you are not enrolled in EFT, you must continue to mail a check with the Remittance Slip from the AT&T Billing Consolidator invoice to:
            PO BOX 9011
            Carol Stream, IL 60197-9011