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What is CALNET 3?

CALNET 3 is a competitively bid contract that provides a comprehensive array of telecommunications and network services to public entities throughout the State.

What are the benefits of CALNET 3?

CALNET 3 offers:
  1. Service Level Agreements
  2. Competitive rates
  3. Billing platform with invoicing and reporting capabilities
  4. Custom portal program
  5. End to End Solutions
  6. Competitively bid; no additional RFP processes may be necessary
In addition, there will be ongoing and annual reviews of pricing and service functionality to help ensure rates and services remain cost-effective and technologically competitive throughout the life of the Contract.

Who can use CALNET 3?

All State of California government agencies. This includes tax supported non-state local government/public agencies that are entirely tax-supported and non-profit and may require a Joint Powers Agreement.

What products are on the CALNET 3 contract?

A complete product listing is in the Product Catalog.

How do I get started?